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GB 10 Airfields

GB 11 Prepared anti-aircraft positions and balloon barages.

GB 12 Naval Bases, Fleet Anchorages and fortified berths.

GB 13 Barracks, Command Posts and Training Centres

GB 14 Army Training Centres

GB 15 Military Radio Stations

GB 16 Fortified Installations and Coastal Defences.

GB 17 Radio Direction Findng Stations (D/F)

GB 20 RAF Supply and Equipment Centres

GB 21 Fuel Depots

GB 22 Amunition Centres (Dumps)

GB 23 Army and Navy Stores

GB 25 Barrage Balloon Stations and specialist military camps.

GB 40 Railway Stations, Loading Platforms and Railway Workshops.

GB 41 Railway Bridges, Tunnels and Junctions.

GB 43 Road Bridges and Tunnels

GB 45 Port Installations

GB 46 Inland Canals

GB 48 Telephone and Teleprint Cable Conduits

GB 49 Radio Stations (see also GB 15 and GB 17)

GB 50 Power Stations and Power Station Dams

GB 51 Transformer Works of the Electricity Supply Network

GB 52 Gas Works and Gas Supply Installations

GB 53 Water Works, Pumping Stations, Reservoirs and Dams

GB 54 Drainage Systems and Purification Plants

GB 56 Silos, Warehouses, Large Flour Mills, Sugar Factories, Granaries and Distilleries.

GB 60 Collieries

GB 61 Coke Plants and Byproduct Plants (Tar, Synthetic Fuel etc)

GB 62 Chemical Works

GB 63 Explosives Factories

GB 64 Celluloid, Paper, Artificial Silk, Synthetic Textiles and Textile factories

GB 65 Petroleum Refineries and Petrol Storage Tanks

GB 66 Smelting Works for calcium Carbide, Ferrous Alloys, Acetylene, Balloon Material and Rubber Tyre Factories.

GB 67 Synthetic Materials, Insulation Materials.

GB 68 gas Protection, Smoke Screen Installations.

GB 70 Iron: Iron Works, Blast Furnaces, Steel and Refined Steel Works, Rolling Mills.

GB 71 Non-Ferrous Metals:Ore Works, Metal Furnaces and Rolling Mills

GB 73 Aero Engine Factories

GB 74 Factories for Aircraft (Airframes), Propellers, tail units and Landing Gear.

GB 76 Explosives and Munitions Factories.

GB 78 Arms Factories.

GB 80 Tank, Truck and Carburettor Factories.

GB 82 machine and Machine Tool Factories.

GB 83 Shipyards

GB 84 Electrical Engineering Plants

GB 85 Optical and Instrument makers

GB 94 Coastal Convoy Routes (Mining Targets)

GB 95 Navigable Waterways (Mining Targets)

GB 96 RADAR (RDF) Stations

GB 99 Lesser Towns (as targets without specific aiming points)


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