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(DE) (50.47.35 N 09.05.05 E)

General: Hessen. 12 km west-north-west of Alsfeld. Eisatzhafen I.

History: The airfield was laid out in 1936/7. 24 Mar 1944 Airfield unserviceable following an air attack.[1] 26 Mar 1944 Kommandeur NSGr. 2 indicated that in order to make the airfield serviceable 130 bomb craters would have to be filled in.[2]

Dimensions: 1245 m x 1000 m roughly triangular in shape.

Runway: Grass.

Infrastructure: Concrete hard standings on the east and western sides.

Remarks: airfield surrounded by woodland.


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  2. Ultra T.500/113

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Fliegerhorst und Einsatzhafen der Luftwaffe - Ries & Dierich

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