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(DE) (51.17.50 N 14.07.30 E)

General: 37 km North-east of Dresden. Fliegerhorst

History: Original airfield of approx 18 ha constructed in 1916. Flight operations commenced in Jul 1918. Original airfield serviced by eight hangers, barracks and motor transport garages. From 1919 to 1921 this airfield facilities were demolished. During the period 1936-1939 expansion of the airfield facilities took place. From the spring of 1941 this airfield became an assembly and test facility for Ju 87s produced by the Weser-Flugzeugbau.

Runway: Grass

Infrastructure: Bomb or ammunition stores to the north of the airfield with motor transport buildings on the south side. Three hangers and barracks to the south of the grass field.

Remarks: Satellite airfield used by LKS 1


    Germany, List of Air bases – correct to 21.11.41 (A.I.2b).

    Fliegerhorst und Einsatzhafen der Luftwaffe - Ries & Dierich


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