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(DE) (50.59.21 N 06.53.21 E)

General:7 km north-west of the city centre. 3.2 kn west-north-west of the marshalling yards.1939-45 Fliegerhorst. This was the civilian airport for Köln.

History: 7 Jan 1945 – Koluft Köln advised Luftgau VI that with the arrival of female W/T operators the airfield was again serviceable for the Koluft network.[1]

11 Jan 1945 – serviceable but not for night or bad weather landings.[2]

23 Feb 1945 – the airfield was one of the exceptions to the OKL order to immediately destroy all airfields to the west of the Rhine. However, the airfield was to be prepared for destruction at short notice. [3]

Dimensions:1500m x 1000m. The shape was originally circular but a large extension was added to the south-west.

Runway: Sand/grass.

Infrastructure: Hangers, services and control tower to east of landing ground. Dispersal areas to north and south-east. Airfield served by two railway sidings. In 1941 the total dispersal capacity of the airfield was estimated at approximately 50 aircraft.

Defences: Flak positions located to the north, northest, east, southest, south and northwest of the airfield.

Remarks: Allied code “Y 58”.


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Fliegerhorst und Einsatzhafen der Luftwaffe - Ries & Dierich

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