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(DE) ( 52.20.40 N 07.32.30 E)

General: 10 Km north-east of Rheine and 6 Km south-west of the town.

History: Laid out in the period 1938 – 1940.

Runway: Three concrete.

Infrastructure: Barracks to north-west. Machinegun butts to north of runways. Ladder type servicing tarmac adjacent to runways. Dispersal to south and further away to the south east. Bomb dump to south east.

Defences: Flak to east and west.

Remarks: Codename “Katzbach”


    Fliegerhorst und Einsatzhafen der Luftwaffe - Ries & Dierich

    Germany, List of Air bases – correct to 21.11.41 (A.I.2b).

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