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Located SW of Köln, it consisted of a field that had been professionally drained so single-engine aircraft could use it.

It was used briefly as a dispersal (Ausweichflugplatz) in early May 1940 for the attack on France and the Low Countries.

I./St.G. 2 was based at Golzheim off and on from October 1939 to 15 May 1940. It used Golzheim as its forward dispersal strip and it was from there that it launched its attack on the Belgian fortress at Eben-Emael and nearby Belgian reserves in the early morning hours of 10 May.

10 May 1940 - Golzheim was being temporarily serviced by Fl.H.Kdtr. E 61/XI.

Feb-Mar 1945 - It is never mentioned again until this time when a few stray aircraft used it for a few days.

It had no buildings, no fuel tanks, no services, no Kdtr., etc.


Post by Larry DeZeng IV to TOCH Jul 2009

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