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(DE) (52.35.15 N 08.20.45 E)

General: 2 km south-south-east of Diepholz and 40 Km Northeast of Osnabruck. Fliegerhorst. Luftpark.


1934-5: Originally laid out. It was at first used as a training centre by the D.L.V.

1937: Air Park and in addition a radio training school was established.

Dimensions: 1070m x 860m

Runway: Concrete 1070m long running East – West on the northern part of the landing area.

Infrastructure: Apron to the north of the runway. Taxiways leading to aircraft shelters to the south ans south-east of the landing area. Compass swinging platform to the south of the landing area. Most of the buildings were grouped to the north of the landing area and runway – seven hangers of various sizes, storage buildings and barracks. Stores and personnel quarters were located to the north-east of the airfield. The airfield was serviced by a number of railway sidings and there was a canal on the eastern border of the landing area.

Defences: Flak positions located to north, north-east, south and south-east with, in 1941, a total of 17 guns.

Operational Units: II./KG 4 (Dec 1939 – Feb 1940); III./JG 27 (Nov 1940); FFS A/B 33 (satellite airfield for night flying Mar 41 – 29 Jul 1942); Kgr.z.b.V. 5 (May – Jul 1942); III./KG 4 (Jul 1942); KGr.z.b.V. 106 (Jan – Feb 1943).

Station Units Fliegerhorstkommandantur Diepholz.


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