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(GER) (a.k.a. Schönstadt) (50 54 50 N – 08 52 40 E)

General: operational airfield (Einsatzhafen I) in Hesse 14 km NE of Marburg, 4.8 km NE of Schönstadt and 2.4 km ESE of Bracht.

History: built 1936-37. Used mainly for glider training and during the attack on France and the Low Countries, then dormant until 1944 when improvements were made to convert it into a base for fighters.

Dimensions: approx. 960 x 825 meters (1,050 x 900 yards).

Runway: grass surface.

Infrastructure: had a number of long buildings off the SW corner that were probably workshops, and a small group of buildings off the center of the W boundary that were probably barracks. Airfield was served by a branch rail line.

Dispersal: 8 medium open aircraft shelters off the N boundary and further parking around a woods off the NE corner in Sep 44.

Defences: unknown.

Remarks: none.

Operational Units: III./KG 28 (Mar-Jun 40).

Station Commands: Fl.H.Kdtr. (E) Bracht (Aug 39 – Mar 40); Fl.H.Kdtr. E 11/XII (Mar 40); Fl.H.Kdtr. E 232/XI (Oct 44).

Station Units (on various dates – not complete): none identified.


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