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(DE) (50.16.30 N 08.58.15 E)

General:11km West of Bildingen in Hesse. The town is situated in the Nidder valley, approx. 27 kilometers north-east of Frankfurt am Main.

History: 1937 the airfield was laid out. 1939 Einsatzhäfen I

3 Jan 1945 – Airfield serviceable by day not by night. Space only available for aircraft allocated to the airfield. On this day 3 four-engined aircraft and nine freight gliders were reported as present. [1]

27 Mar 1945 Luftwaffenkommando West ordered preparations to be made for the destruction of the airfield.[2]

Runway: grass field

Operational Units: III/JG 2 - Oct - Dec 1944, I/JG 11 - may have dispersed to Altenstadt following losses during an Allied attack on Gelnhausen airfield in Sep 1944.

Lastenseglerstaffel zbv Reich - Dec 1944

Station Commands:Fliegerhorstkommandantur E Altenstadt – 1939/40, Fliegerhorstkommandantur E 16/XII - 1940


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Fliegerhorst und Einsatzhafen der Luftwaffe - Ries & Dierich

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