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(DE) (50.49.20 N 06.11.15 E) Nordrhein-Westfalen

General: 8 km Northeast of Aachen city centre. 4 Km east of Würselen and 6 Km west of Eschweiler.


1914 – First used as an airfield.

1919 – 1929 – user by the Belgians who were the occupying power in the region.

1932 - Flughafen II

1940 - Grass Einsatzhäfen

29 Jan 1945 – captured by the Americans

Dimensions: 686m x 640m

Runway: Grass

Infrastructure: Two large hangers near the northwest corner of the airfield. Various buildings along the northside behind the hangers. Three refuelling points in front of the hangers.

Remarks: The allies used this airfield in 1945 giving it the designation "Y-46".




Merzbrück Tower


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