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Sep 1939 - Assault on Poland. Provided recce support for XXI[1] Armee Korps in North Poland.

Based – Oschen, StaKa Maj. von Frantzius, Establishment 11 Hs 126 Serviceable 10[1]

Operating under the control of Koluft Heeresgruppe Nord (Gen.Maj. Krocker).[2]


Campaign in the West - tactical recce for I Armee Korps over Belgium and Holland. Later operated on behalf of VII Armee Korps.


22 Jul 1941 - operated under Heeresgruppe Mitte for "Barbarossa". [3]Took part in "Barbarossa" flying recce sorties for VII Armee Korps in the Central Sector. Then transferred to LIII Armee Korps (flying Fw 189s).


Operated under the control of NAGr 7 took part in the advance on Stalingrad.

Date Unit Aircraft Type Code Wkr.No. Notes
13 May 1942 1(H)./10 Fw 189 0181 Shotdown by AA fire at Guschine. Hptmn Herbert Kalin (StaKa?)(F), Oblt Berthold Blattner (B) and Gefr. Heinz Heuer (Bf). [4]

Destroyed at Stalingrad.


Mar 1943 - New unit raised and renamed as 1./NAGr 12 - operating with 16 Me 109 on strength.

Aufklärungsgruppe 10

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